By Shane Galvin – Big House Publishing

You’re sitting in a bar, bored, considering going home. Then a song blares over the loudspeakers and, instantly, your mood is changed. After the first verse, you’re nodding your head. By the time the first chorus is over, you are up on your feet. By the end of the song, you’re on the table, dancing with your top off.

That is the effect that Lucaley inspire. Absolute joy and elation. A feeling of getting outside yourself. Lucaley are a Copenhagen-based Synthpop duo consisting of Ea Philippa Tange (Vocals/Keys) and Bo Karlsson (Synths/ Guitars/Drums). Ea trained as a modern dancer but the unfortunate luck of an injury led her to back to her classical piano training. Her background in choreography gave her a mischievous, playful mind and soon she was improvising on the keys, making up songs of her own. Shortly afterwards, she was releasing her own albums with a nine-woman orchestra. Bo is also versed in classical piano but, with the onset of puberty, switched to the guitar.  As a member of JoyceHotel, he toured relentlessly for several years before retreating to the studio. A true producer, his skills married well instantly with Ea’s and the songs began to flow…

Creative and adventurous, Lucaley couple their adventurousness with their formal background to craft perfect pop. They claim Bjork, David Bowie, Kate Bush and Radiohead as major influences and it’s easy to see why. All artists that relish aural exploration while knowing their way around a tune. The ultra-exciting ‘Dance To The Drum Of Our Hearts’ was selected as the Official Theme Song for Copenhagen Pride and their current single, ‘Truth’ has been receiving lots of radio airplay in Denmark. Once you hear their debut album, dropping in May 2016, you will have no option but to succumb to Lucaley’s brand of electronic pop.  Once heard, you too will be swinging your shirt above your head with a gigantic grin on your face.

This is the magic of Lucaley.